Overwolf: Game studios must be welcoming towards the gaming community

Speaking at Gaming2021, Overwolf Co-founder and CEO Uri Marchand talks about the shift in gaming culture and how studios can better serve players and developers

James Spiro 15:5606.08.21



Overwolf is building a one-stop-shop for creators of content around games. For some, it might be that the game itself is enough - but there are millions of people who build apps or MODs on existing games to enhance their experience, ultimately forming a community of game-lovers.


“The community has always been there and it’s always been active in creating content around games, but it was never nurtured,” explained Overwolf Co-founder and CEO Uri Marchand. “There isn’t a single company in the world that said…we want to build a profession around all the hard work that you’re doing and all the great contributions that you’re bringing to the industry and this is what we're really trying to do. So basically it's nurturing existing communities that have already existed making content.”


The explosion of gaming in recent years with the adoption of mobile phones and easy internet access means that the gaming community is growing more each year. Importantly, gaming studios need to be aware of the community they service and how to best serve their customers.


“There’s a new generation of gamers growing and playing games like Minecraft and they’re used to endless possibilities when it comes to playing games, and that audience is going to be underserved in the future unless game studios building those games are going to be welcoming toward a creator community,” Marchand concluded. “And done right, I think this is very beneficial and profitable for the game studio.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above