GamesIS predicts the gaming market will “triple itself” in five years

Speaking at Gaming2021, GameIS Volunteering Chairman Guy Ben-Dov shares how the ecosystem can prepare for its expected growth

James Spiro 10:3508.08.21



“There are quite a few challenges we see as the market is growing,” explained GameIS Volunteering Chairman Guy Ben-Dov when speaking at GameIS. “I firmly believe the market is going to triple itself over the next five years. For that, we will need manpower, we will need more talent, and we will probably need to import talents.”


In line with these predictions on the gaming industry, the NGO is working alongside Deloitte on a report that will lay out the entire industry, the state of it as it is now, and reference other countries with government support to help it thrive.


“I’m going to take it to the government and have a recognition of the digital game sector,” he told CTech. “That would allow both the support of small companies and small startups, which is critical, but also the support of bigger companies entering into Israel and bringing their own knowledge and people’s DNA into the market to help it evolve.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.