World champion Cyber competition for $1,000,000 Monthly

CyTaka a new platform focused Cyber for Developers and Programmers, Every month, Grand Prize, "One New Millionaire” at a time to award winners at World Champion Cyber Competition in Dubai

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Following growing global cyberthreats, CyTaka has decided to encourage programmers around the world to find innovative protection solutions by holding a competition open to the public, where winners will be awarded monetary prizes and the grand prize winner earning $1 million every month. Top 10 Experts have invitation with fully covered trip to computing in the “World Champion Cyber competition for Programmers” held in Dubai with $1,000,000 grand prize each month.


Following the signing of last year’s Abraham Accords spearheaded by former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former U.S. President Donald Trump between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, many hoped this would bring peace and diplomacy between both nations that otherwise had no contact. What many are talking about however, is the great economic potential such relations will bring to both countries’ economies. That was all put on hold however, due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, but following the recent opening of the Emirati Embassy in Israel, it seems as if things are finally moving forward.


Now, with the growing threat of ransomware and online fraud and as more people are working remotely, the need for cybersecurity has grown more crucial than ever. Having multiple – and often creative solutions – to treat threats in the cyber world has become essential in these times.


One Israeli group realized the need for these increased solutions. CyTaka is holding an upcoming cyber competition in Dubai on August 15, where its platform will present a system of challenges for software programmers to assess their cyber capabilities. These exercises will pose threats, which contestants must solve by combining information security knowledge and cybersecurity solutions. It also gives new contestants a chance to spot their weaknesses, assess their performance level, diagnose their skills, and increase their chances of finding a job in this highly demanding field. CyTaka will award 10 contestants with monetary prizes each month, totalling $1 million.


The CyTaka platform offers gamified cybersecurity-focused coding education and training specifically for software developers. As the app is completely neutral, participants from any region, gender, or educational level can participate.

The app is offered at four levels: Beginner, Student, Professional, and Expert. At each level, the player needs to complete clearly defined challenges. The challenges are not static; they change and evolve based on the latest developments in software engineering, cybersecurity, and DevSecOps.

(Download apps to your device: Google Play and App Store


Each month, the app’s top 10 ranked competitors will be invited in-person to the competition an all-expenses-paid, the main monthly event held in Dubai where the selected will compete for $1 million.

Runner-up prizes range from $10,000-$100,000.

To participate in the live competition, entrants first go through a phone interview and then must submit a series of multiple-choice cybersecurity questions, which are evaluated for professionalism and quality. If the top 10 players pass this pre-screening process, they are invited to participate in the live competition.


Doron Amir, founder and CEO of CyTaka, and co-founders Guy Anish, and Dmitrii Rubinov sat with us to discuss the competition, such as why the cybersecurity field is in such demand right now, what is the purpose of this competition and who can participate, and where does Israel stand in regard to the field of cybersecurity.