Cobwebs is “like a second home for our employees”

Speaking at a basketball game between Israeli tech companies, Danit Kellmer shares what makes the cybersecurity company different from the rest

James Spiro 13:1822.08.21



Joining CTech on the court during a friendly game of basketball, Danit Kellmer, Marketing Director at Cobwebs Technologies, shared the reason why some of Israel’s smartest tech talents were busy playing behind her.


“Cobwebs is not just another company, we are more like a second home for our employees,” she told CTech. Founded in 2016, the company offers AI-powered web intelligence solutions to prevent cyber-attacks and illegal activities. “And we enable them to do the things they really like and to shine, not just do coding every day. This is part of the way to give them the opportunity to shine.”


Cobwebs Technologies joined other companies such as HiBob, HoneyBook, and eBay on the court for a friendly tournament of basketball. “We're trying to keep everything fun and in a home type of perspective,” she added.


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.