Hibob: “The way people work is fundamentally changing”

Speaking during a friendly game of basketball, Hibob Co-founder and CEO Ronni Zehavi shares how he envisages work after the pandemic

James Spiro 13:5622.08.21



Work From Home, Work From Office, and now Work From Court? Hibob Co-founder and CEO Ronni Zehavi joined CTech on the basketball court to discuss some of the ways that our working lives are changing due to Covid-19.


“The way people work is fundamentally changing,” he told CTech. “All the practices we used to know in the past, like working 9-5, working only from the office, or working in main cities, all those things are over. I think the pandemic basically accelerated the change.”


For Zehavi, the future is a hybrid combination of these models. “So we're going to face a new way of work and it will be hybrid. It will be a different combination of working from home, or the office, or even working from anywhere. I think that’s the future… and I think it brings a lot of opportunities for HRTech, or WorkTech companies like us, to come in and innovate and to lead with this new era in the way people work.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.