Bright Data: “Basketball is a data sport”

Speaking with CTech ahead of a friendly sports game, Managing Director for North America at Bright Data, Omri Orgad, talks about the significance of data all around us

James Spiro 08:4925.08.21



“We see in the data industry a lot of sports startups, and basketball is a data sport,” explained Omri Orgad, Managing Director for North America at Bright Data. “It started with the rebounds and points, obviously, and it transitioned into efficiency ratings and plus-minus categories... All the way down to effort, deflections, and statistics.”


According to Orgad, basketball is a “very good” example of using data to make decisions. “We just had the NBA draft and you can see how teams that are companies, enterprise companies, have to make great decisions and quick decisions in who to draft and what place to invest money in. So this is a great data example.”


Bright Data (formerly Luminati Networks) helps businesses collect accurate data to make data-driven business decisions. “As the real world transitioned to the virtual world, we saw a lot of companies adopting, first of all, the state of mind that they needed,” he said.


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above