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Axis Security: “Organizations scrambled to maintain business continuity” during Covid-19

Gil Azrielant, Co-founder and CTO at Axis Security, spoke at Tech TLV about how businesses have to always be forward-thinking

James Spiro 14:5810.11.21



“There is a huge rise in cybercrime, and this, I believe, is due to the fact that organizations really scrambled to maintain business continuity,” explained Gil Azrielant, Co-founder and CTO at Axis Security. “Even before Covid, it used to be the case that forward thinking IT professionals and forward thinking security professionals were starting to prepare for this shift and the ability to facilitate work from anywhere and facilitate work from any device or by anyone.”


According to Azrielant, not everyone was so lucky. “But the organizations that were not forward-thinking were kind of left behind, scrambling to maintain business continuity. And that created many holes through which attackers could get in and really have their way and cause harm.” He described his company Axis Security as a modern axis platform intended to bridge this gap, fitting the modern workspace.


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.