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Biolojic Design’s mission to “apply new technology to old biology” to fight disease

Yanay Ofran spoke at Tech TLV about the importance of antibodies and how AI can help humankind

James Spiro 12:1011.11.21



“Antibodies are just the proteins that our immune system produces to attack invaders,” explained Yanay Ofran, Founder and CEO of Biolojic Design. The company “applies technology to old biology” so that it operates by bringing new technology to old biology, rather than new biology to old technology.


“The amazing thing is that the immune system has a very robust mechanism to basically custom-make a nanomachine that can attack any invader,” he continued. “What we’re doing at Biolojic Design is basically replicating the immune system on a machine learning AI platform that mimics the immune system. And what we do is tell this immune system not to attack invaders but to attack, very cleverly and precisely, causes of disease. So we’re making antibodies in the same way the immune system makes them attack Covid, but we use it to attack the mechanism that underlies cancer, underlies diabetes, and so forth.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.