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“The innovation coming out of Israel is truly stunning,” says Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin

Jennifer Griffin joined James Spiro at Calcalist’s Mind The Tech to discuss Israel’s shifting role on the global stage

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“It’s amazing to hear of all the tech innovation here at Mind The Tech,” said Jennifer Griffin when speaking at Calcalist’s conference in New York City. “It’s particularly nice to see old friends and to see what they’re doing, because the innovation coming out of Israel is truly stunning.”


Griffin spent many years as a journalist reporting in the Middle East, working in Jerusalem for seven years covering the Intifada between 1999-2007. It was that experience that led her to become the National Security Correspondent at Fox News, reporting directly from the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.


“If you look at the changes in the last even three years, particularly since the Abraham Accords were signed just a year ago, you are seeing a tectonic shift in terms of Israel's relationship particularly to Gulf states,” she continued.


At Mind The Tech, Griffin also appeared alongside Erel Margalit, Founder and Executive Chairman of JVP, to discuss some of the investments taking place in tech companies that operate in Israel and the U.S. “The companies that Erel and JVP are investing in are designed to bring more security and stability. Now with the help of the United States and U.S investors, as well as Gulf state investors, I think that will lend itself to creating a fabric that will lead to a more stable Middle East.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.