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“Finance is a people industry so focus on building those connections”

The recently appointed CEO of LeumiTech Timor Arbel-Sadras provided her predictions for the market and how young women can thrive in the finance sector where gender equality is uncommon

CTech 11:3118.11.21


CEO of LeumiTech Timor Arbel-Sadras recently took the helm of the investment arm of one of Israel’s largest banks and discussed her role, where the fund provides services and credit to a variety of clients. “Banking services need to evolve, and we are doing so in regard to the types of credit we offer our clients,” Arbel-Sadras said. As for her predictions for the next hot sectors in the market, she believes that areas such as fintech, cybersecurity, big data, and AI will continue to lead. The pandemic, she noted, as well as these fields have also “created new opportunities in areas where digital services didn’t exist, such as health services and foodtech.”


As for her advice for upcoming entrepreneurs, she recommends starting a company with credit already in the bank. “Think of what you are financing through equity, and through credit.” Lastly, Arbel-Sadras provided some insight as to how young women can succeed in the venture capital and finance industry where gender equality remains uncommon. “First of all, be professional. Be diligent. Do a good job. Secondly, remember that this is a people-industry so focus on building those connections.”


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