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Mind the Tech NY2021

“Investing as early as possible makes valuations less important”

Founder and Managing Partner of Vine Ventures Eric Reiner was speaking during the Mind the Tech NY 2021 conference

CTech 18:0120.11.21


“Vine Ventures invests in software and financial services businesses within the U.S., Israel, and Latin America at the earliest stages, such as Compete, an HR-tech company, and Comodor, a DevOps platform,” Eric Reiner, Founder and Managing Partner at Vine Ventures told CTech’s Yafit Ovadia during an interview at the Calcalist and Leumi Tech Mind the Tech New York 2021 conference in Manhattan.


In wake of valuations soaring and not accurately reflecting the market share of a company, Reiner recommended the following: “VC firms should aim to invest as early as possible, where valuation is sort of less important. What critics are missing is that the market-size for these opportunities is virtually limitless, so I think owning meaningful components of the very best software companies in the world as early as possible is a good strategy.”


You can watch the interview in the full video above.