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Meet Snappy: New York’s fastest-growing company

Founder and CEO Hani Goldstein shares how her company achieved 800% growth in one year

James Spiro 17:1818.11.21



At Mind The Tech, CTech spoke with Snappy Gifts, a gifting platform for enterprises that has seen 800% growth in one year and an impressive 11,000% growth in three years. Hani Goldstein, the company’s founder and CEO, spoke at Mind The Tech to share why and how it achieved such growth.


“I think there is a massive difference between a gift and a monetary reward,” she said. “A monetary reward, even a gift card, is very transactional. When you give someone a gift card it doesn’t translate the thoughtfulness and the appreciation that you have for them, versus when you give someone a gift. You really are able to showcase the personalization and make it a fun experience for them. There’s research that says you need to give twice as much cash versus a gift to get the same type of feeling -I would argue it’s more than that.”


Snappy already works with Fortune 100 companies including Salesforce, Uber, and Zoom and a total of 1,500 customers. In the future, Goldstein hopes to expand the company to serve everyone in the world.


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.