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Versatile proves that contech is finally having its moment

Meirav Oren, co-founder and CEO of Versatile, spoke at Mind The Tech about how investors have changed their minds about contech

James Spiro 20:1218.11.21



“About three years ago, I think most investors were telling me that construction was not investable. I was literally just making fun of this on stage, saying this is a $12 trillion industry that is 13% of the world’s GDP - not investable? Really?” Today, Oren’s company has raised over $100 million to help revolutionize the contech space.


“They were saying at the time that it is antiquated and slow to adopt. Well, my argument was pretty much that if given the right technology and it goes through hardware-enabled SaaS, construction not only adopts fast, it adopts faster than anything you’ve ever seen. I’m proven right every day.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above