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Startup success dependent on team, says Viola Growth

Natalie Refuah, General Partner at Viola Growth, spoke at Mind The Tech about how teams account for nearly 90% of its investment choices

James Spiro 09:3021.11.21


“Although I’m not allowed to say the team, I have to say from my experience in the last two decades in investment, this is the major factor when you invest in a company,” Natalie Refuah joked when asked about the most important factor when considering an investment. Despite being asked to omit the team in her response, a common answer, the General Partner at Viola Growth stressed its importance.


“It’s usually 80-90% dependent on the team and the founder that leads the company,” she continued. “So it has to be one of the main reasons to invest in a company.”


Refuah also highlighted the market when deciding where to invest. “The market has to be huge with a lot of potential, because something we have learned is that if the market is small then the ability of the company to grow is limited and that is something we wouldn’t want to enter into.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.