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Aura Air: “Millennials are starting to be pickier on their indoor environments”

Speaking at Mind The Tech, Aura Air America CEO Roei Friedberg highlights how younger workers want cleaner offices

James Spiro 11:3421.11.21



“We can see that millennials are starting to be pickier on their indoor environment,” explained Aura Air America CEO Roei Friedberg, whose company provides a technology that purifies, disinfects, monitors, and reports about the indoor air quality inside indoor buildings. “It could be related to wellness and sustainability, those two trends are becoming a must-have.”


In a world with Covid-19, he stressed how “people want to go to work and feel good. They want to see that they have better places to work. They want to feel safe and we started to see those trends starting even before Covid. However, now it has become a must-have not only for the millennials but for the rest of the generations.”




You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.