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How Israel’s real-life defense creates cyber powerhouses

Yoni Shohet, Co-Founder and CEO of Valence Security, spoke at Mind The Tech about Israel and its ability to produce cybersecurity companies

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“There is a lot of cybersecurity talent in Israel, especially due to the mandatory military service,” explained Yoni Shohet, Co-Founder and CEO of Valence Security. “I think when we look at the evolution of cybersecurity in the past few years, it’s mostly the new age of the defense or military defense in some cases. So there are a lot of people that have unique know-how when it comes to how cybersecurity operations look like in the real world.”


Valence recently announced its $7 million Seed round to help fight the battle of mitigating risks that appear across different business applications such as Zoom, Salesforce, or Office 365. Speaking at Mind the Tech in New York, Shohet spoke about what makes Israel such an ecosystem of cybersecurity solutions.


“Also I think that Israel is the high tech scene and growing more entrepreneurs that we're seeing coming out of Israel. The natural convergence of these two worlds of both expertise in cybersecurity and a lot of eagerness to be entrepreneurs and start their own company - it’s a unique combination coming out of Israel.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.