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“We like to call ourselves the Space X of weather-tech”

Said Shimon Elkabetz, co-founder and CEO of, at Calcalist and LeumiTech’s Mind the Tech New York 2021 conference

CTech 10:1123.11.21


“We not only help people understand what is the weather forecast but also what are the recommended actions for that specific client with those specific challenges in real-time. If it’s an airline, that could mean when is the best time to ice an aircraft, or whether that is a sports team, whether or not they should cancel a game,” co-founder and CEO Shimon Elkabetz told CTech’s Yafit Ovadia in an interview at the Mind the Tech New York 2021 conference in Manhattan.


“We sell our weather-intelligence platform, which is a software solution to clients that is based on sensing weather and processing,” he said, adding that plans on launching its own satellite constellation to space by next year, and becoming the SpaceX of weather-tech. “There aren’t many worldwide domains that are led by government agencies. Imagine if we had to rely on government agencies to develop Covid-19 vaccines or space technologies,” he said, noting the contracts that NASA has with commercial space entities. “It all depends on the pace of innovation, which we are able to do far faster,” he said.


You can watch the full interview in the video above.