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Avo: “We will be in every major state in the U.S”

Avo, an online convenience store for employees, promised big things for their future at Calcalist’s Mind The Tech conference

James Spiro 10:5423.11.21



“We are not a delivery company or a grocery company - as we scale, we will have everything under the Avo umbrella,” explained Dekel Valtzer, Co-Founder and CEO of Avo. “We will just offer it to our customers in a more cost-effective way.”


Avo is an eCommerce company that operates in a B2B2C model, as opposed to conventional B2C methods. It teams up with high-rise residential buildings or offices to provide anything from groceries, cleaning, or local business services to customers in those buildings. It’s a strategy, Valtzer claims, that is more efficient both on the customer position side and on the logistical side.


“I think we will be in every major state in the U.S,” he continued. “Then we will be in every relevant vertical: so residential, offices, universities, hospitals, hotels, and then a layer below we will offer everything from groceries to every local business in the city whether it's a bakery or kitchenware. And then services like cleaning and laundry, basically everything people need in their building or office.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.