“Climate change affects the very essence of military and defense forces”

Dr. Shira Efron of the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) in Tel Aviv warned about climate change's impact on national security “it affects the equipment, manpower, and the mission itself”

Daniel Farber-Ball 14:4503.12.21

“When we talk about climate change we are talking about extreme weather events,” said Dr. Shira Efron, Senior Fellow at the INSS, in an interview with CTech on Monday’s Calcalist’s Energy conference. “But also sea levels rising, the average rise in global temperatures, which is associated with the melting of the glaciers and opening another artic. And it has many implications for national security.”


Efron went on to explain that: “Climate change exacerbates ethnic, social, economic, tensions, it creates conditions conducive to the development and flourishment of sub-state actors like terrorist organizations, and it leads to the increase of prices and shortages of water and food which can really destabilize states.“


“Climate change affects the very essence of military and defense forces. It hinders their ability to defend their borders,” Efron added. “It affects the equipment, military installations, manpower, and the mission itself.”


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