Meet the three different types of online shoppers

At the Poalim Hi-Tech and Calcalist Road Show, Tali Bezalel, Founder and CEO of Selectika, shared some online insights on our purchase habits

James Spiro 13:4108.12.21



“What we learned about the shopping experience is that there are three kinds of different sessions,” explained Tali Bezalel, Founder and CEO of Selectika. Selectika is a visual AI and personalization system for eCommerce that helps retailers and brands to understand what their shoppers are looking for and provide it to them as soon as possible.


“There are the people who know exactly what they want - they go to the website, google these Nike tights in black, go to the product page, buy, and check out,” she continued. “Then there are people who want to get inspired by just scrolling. We see that for those people when we recommend specific items that could be relevant to their style and what they’re looking for, the conversion is very high. There are also people, around 30% of shoppers, that want to buy clothes but are not sure what will fit them or what would look good on them.”


According to Bezalel, the solution is perfect for them. “Because there are people that know they need to buy a suit or need to buy an item for their vacation, they just answer a question and get hyper-personalisation. We see amazing results,” she said, claiming sites saw a 187% increase in conversion rates and a 17% increases in basket sizes.


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.