How does Montfort Brain Monitor bring neurology monitoring to our home?

Co-founder and CTO of Montfort Brain Monitor, Dima Gershman, discussed neurology and telehealth at the Poalim Hi-Tech and Calcalist Road Show

James Spiro 11:0109.12.21



Many aspects of healthcare have been digitalized and adapted for telehealth services at home, in no small part due to the pandemic. Whereas there are a variety of medical areas that can be conducted at home, neurology appears to have been lagging behind - until now.


“Today, neurologists practically have no tools to assess and evaluate patients, so they do various tasks like walking, holding hands, or drawing something - that’s what they do at the clinic,” explained Dima Gershman, Co-founder and CTO of Montfort Brain Monitor. His company can help monitor the neurological ailments that once upon a time were only able to be tracked in a physical clinic.


He continued: “In order to bring this technology to telehealth, we need to enable the same thing from home, digitally, because neurologists need to sit at the screen and look at the dashboard. So we take a regular smartphone, this is our technology that everyone has, with the motion sensors it has inside and of course the touch screen, and we implement the same standard neurology evaluations at home.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.