Microsoft: “The innovation in Israel is mindblowing”

Speaking at the Unicorns Forum, Idit Gazit Berger, Digital Native Lead at Microsoft shares what makes Startup Nation so unique

James Spiro 09:5314.12.21



“The innovation here is mindblowing - I spent 15 years in the UK and coming here looking after Digital Native across the Middle East and Africa, what we see here is unprecedented,” explained Idit Gazit Berger, Digital Native Lead at Microsoft. Speaking to James Spiro, Gazit Berger elaborated on what makes Startup Nation such a success.


“The amount of innovation is not something we see commonly, and so it’s amazing to see the amount of the ability to really solve true-life problems. There’s been so much said about Startup Nation and why it’s happening here. I think it’s a combination of a few dimensions. There is a dimension of creativity, that is the culture of this country. It’s pretty young, ‘no’ is not an answer, you just haven’t found the right ‘yes’ and you keep trying and that’s perseverance that this country has in its DNA.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.