How did Lightricks’ CFO adjust to the private sector?

Speaking at the Unicorn Forum, Shaul Meridor, CFO of Lightricks, discusses the move from the public sector to the private sector

James Spiro 11:5815.12.21



“In the public sector, you mostly think of what is best for the country, for the people,” explained Shaul Meridor, CFO of Lightricks. “You think of a lot of macroeconomics. Here you think a lot of micro.”


Meridor had spent the last 18 years in the public sector, working towards becoming the Head of the budget department in the Ministry of Finance. Those familiar with Israeli politics may remember when he resigned from his position in 2020 following a long and high-profile confrontation with Finance Minister Israel Katz. Following his departure, he decided to join Lightricks as its CFO.


“When you look at a market, ours is the creators’ economy market, it’s the same practice that is used in other places, you have to just shrink the sums,” he said. “It’s rapid and you have to keep haste. From my end I’m having fun, I’m in a Luna Park. It’s a good thing.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.