Can D-ID be the face of the Metaverse?

Speaking at Unicorn Forum, Gil Perry, Co-Founder and CEO of D-ID, explains how the company is in a perfect strategic position for the next stage of the internet

James Spiro 15:5618.12.21



“Recently, we realized that in the Metaverse, we are going to hold a super important strategic position,” explained Gil Perry, Co-Founder and CEO of D-ID. “Because we are experts in digital humans, and we are the biggest expert in reenacting them in a way that is super realistic.”


D-ID was originally founded as a company that helps protect the privacy of humans in facial recognition technologies. A few years ago the company pivoted to the media and entertainment space and anticipates it may one day need to pivot for the next stage of the internet, too.


“In the Metaverse, these avatars are digital representations and are going to hold a very important part,” he continued. “They are going to be our representations and if they will not move, behave, or interact with each other in a realistic way, people will not stay in the Metaverse.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.