Amdocs Ventures: “There's more technology here than almost anywhere else in the world”

Moshe Friedman, Head of Amdocs Ventures, talks about what the corporate venture firm looks for in its investments

James Spiro 09:3519.12.21



“We’ve invested a lot in data networks, we've invested a lot in web 3.0, in building up protocols for peer-to-peer interactions,” explained Moshe Friedman, Head of Amdocs Ventures. Speaking at the Unicorn Forum, Friedman shared how even though the firm has been operating ‘under the radar’ for the last few years, it is still playing an active part in the Israeli ecosystem.


“We’ve invested in the future of machine learning and how to move that into the enterprise,” he continued. “What we try to do is pick 2-3 technologies that we want to become masters of our domain and go deep in those areas over the next 9-12 months forward.”


Friedman shares that Amdocs Ventures invests in pre-revenue companies that would benefit from access to the industry that Amdocs can provide. The firm, which has completed a total of 12 investments and invests in 2-3 companies per year, remains a lifetime investor.


“We think capital is a bit cheap right now but technology is actually hard to come by and there's more of it here than you would find almost anywhere else in the world,” he concluded.


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.