Scribe Security raises $7 million Seed round to secure software supply chains

The Israeli startup is developing a platform that allows organizations to develop, distribute, and maintain, code produced within the organization

Meir Orbach 15:0026.01.22
Scribe Security, which has developed a SaaS platform for securing software across various supply chains, raised more than $7 million in a Seed round led by Elron Ventures and joined by Tal Ventures, YYM Ventures, and others.


Scribe was founded in 2021 by cyber and cryptography experts CEO Rubi Arbel, CTO Daniel Nebenzahl, and VP R&D Guy Chernobrov. Arbel is a cyber expert, served as a senior commander in Unit 8200, and was the former VP Aviation at Argus Cyber Security. Chernobrov previously served as Chief Security Architect for Matzov - IDF’s defensive cyber center, led innovative cyber development projects, and was the IDF's Liaison Officer to CERDEC, U.S. Army. Nebenzahl Led the Matzov research division for 11 years, where he was responsible for the development of innovative cyber and cryptography technologies and played a major role in strategic national cyber initiatives.


Scribe Security co-founders. Photo: Scribe Security Scribe Security co-founders. Photo: Scribe Security


Scribe is developing a platform that allows organizations to develop, distribute, and maintain code produced within the organization, while also verifying code components’ integrity, provenance, authenticity, and reputation. Their solution provides organizations with visibility and assurance of the entire software development life cycle from early design stages to final deployment.


“Cyberattacks on the software supply chain may be carried out by dependency manipulation, a third-party software component, or during the code-delivery process,” said Scribe Co-founder and CEO, Rubi Arbel. “Software supply chains have become an attractive attack vector for a wide range of threat actors. Experts predict that almost half of all organizations globally are likely to suffer from such attack consequences by 2025.”


“We believe that the threat to the organization’s software supply chain is steadily increasing,” said Zohar Rozenberg, Venture Partner at Elron Ventures. “While a growing percentage of the code is being developed outside the organization, the attack surface is highly complex. With no single entity that had visibility and the ability to secure the code end to end, this is a super complicated issue. We believe that Scribe is serving a market with huge potential and has the right team to take on this complex task.”