Out of the Bubble

Food for thought: Kiinns and the Kinneret’s foodtech sector

Speaking on CTech’s Out of the Bubble series, Kiinns CEO Tzvika Furman shares insights into working in the north of Israel

James Spiro 08:5010.02.22



“We are from the north, so this is the first advantage that we could do something right here and not have to go far away,” explained Tzvika Furman, Co-founder and CEO at Kiinns. The company operates in the north - with a lab in Yokneam - that provides a safety solution for food production lines. “So when we started we knew we would do something right here.”


According to Furman, the benefits of setting up shop in the north isn’t just because of the nice views and open space. “We know many people around here that have great talent, great people that have the know-how, the capabilities, and the experience to actually work with us. So we didn’t think we had to go and look somewhere else. We wanted to be here, to empower this area, and to be able to do things at home.”


He continued: “There are great companies here and not many people know about them, so I’ll say look out for what’s out there because there are many interesting things going on right here. There is a huge ecosystem of startups in various industries, keep up your head and look at what's happening.”


You can learn more about Kiinns via the video above.