Out of the Bubble

The Kinneret Innovation Center is ready to welcome city lovers through its doors

For CTech’s Out of the Bubble series, we become familiar with the Kinneret Innovation Center

James Spiro 08:5010.02.22



“The Kinneret Innovation Center is an engine of growth that we founded in August 2018 in order to create an engine of growth in the north area of Israel,” explained its Director of Innovation Uriel Perman. “It is aiming to help startups and entrepreneurs in the verticals of agriculture technology, water technology, and sustainability.”


CTech traveled north and met with groups of founders, entrepreneurs, and academics who have been working to make the Kinneret an attractive place for those who might be seeking a startup life without the burdens of city life. Swapping the Ayalon Highway for the Sea of Galilee, CTech heard firsthand how individuals are impacted by such an environmental change.


“I saw a lot of people that came to live for a while in the north of Israel, from the city to a rural area, which is more comfortable for them, to raise their kids and create an environment which is less stressful than a city,” Perman continued, referring to the time during the pandemic. “I saw that a lot of entrepreneurs love the way of living like that and stayed here in the north and found a solution on how to work remotely.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.