Out of the Bubble

The Negev tech scene is “a fast-growing environment and fast-growing region”

InNegev incubator helps startups specific to the region build their business and match the Tel Aviv hustle

James Spiro 18:5914.02.22



“In order to start a startup, it's not enough to have the knowledge, it's not enough to have the invention which might be a good idea, but you need to know how to make a business out of it,” explained Arnon Columbus, CEO of InNegev incubator. “We are here in order to take these startups in the early stage of their life and help them go through this process, this journey, to become a business, become a startup, and then a company.”


InNegev helps early-stage companies specifically in the Negev region and spoke with CTech as part of Out of the Bubble, a series exploring peripheries in Israel. It is looking primarily into Agtech, Foodtech, Industry 4,0, and Climatech and helps companies in the region develop their ideas and business strategies.


“There is a great quality of people here and the Negev is a fast-growing environment and fast-growing region,” Columbus continued. “I would say you have everything you can find in Tel Aviv in excellence, high tech, fast-growing environments, and the ability to find yourself in the Negev - in a much nicer environment and atmosphere.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.