Out of the Bubble

The IDF sees its move to Beer Sheva as a “fulfillment of Ben Gurion's vision”

Speaking at Beer Sheva’s Gav-Yam Negev High Tech Park, Major Noam Bright discusses the role the IDF has in teaching tech to future generations

James Spiro 12:1415.02.22



“We built here, in Beer Sheva, a cyber and technology hub with many factors and partners,” explained Major Noam Bright, whose full title includes Head of Module Computer Science, Cybersecurity and Data-analysis at the Computer School, C4I and Cyber Directorate. “We have many partners here to shape this area to be a technological generator. It's like a national vision. We want the IDF and our partners to shape it more and more.”


Major Bright explained to CTech on its Out of the Bubble series that a school developed by the IDF, the Beer Sheva Municipality, Ben Gurion University, the Israeli Cyber Directorate, and others can help teach the next generation of Israels all about the possibilities of tech. This year marks the first time the school has relocated to Beer Sheva and is now in one of the buildings at Gav-Yam High Tech Park.


“We are very happy with this move, we see it as a fulfillment of Ben Gurion's vision to move to the Negev and settle in the Negev,” Major Bright continued. “We are making many processes here to ensure this transition is going to be successful. The IDF sees it as a high priority. We work hard to reach the children here in all of Israel to encourage them to come to our school and encourage them to learn technology and to encourage them to make this program a success.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.