Out of the Bubble

How does Beer Sheva overcome the talent crunch in Israel’s tech sector?

Hila Goldman-Aslan, Co-Founder and CEO of DiA Imaging Analysis, talks to CTech about the challenge of hiring experienced talent in the south of Israel

James Spiro 10:3016.02.22



Despite the many benefits of working outside of busy city centers like Tel Aviv, companies in peripheries like Beer Sheva feel the talent crunch as much - if not more - than other places. Speaking with CTech as part of its Out of the Bubble series, Hila Goldman-Aslan, Co-Founder and CEO of DiA Imaging Analysis, outlined some of these challenges for the region.


“We have challenges bringing people in terms of employees,” she told CTech. DiA was founded by three women, two of whom are from the region, and it helps automate the way physicians analyze ultrasound images. One founder is from Ben Gurion University, the other is the head of the Eco Lab at Soroka Medical Center. Goldman-Aslan joined soon after.


“I think the challenges are more bringing people that have more than five years of experience - that is difficult to do here. Bringing less experienced employees is much easier because the university creates a lot of opportunities for the companies.”


Nowadays, challenges facing the region have shifted due to Covid-19. “Overall with Covid and everything, I think it makes sense for people to consider working for a company where the base is here. Because anyway it will be hybrid, so it won’t be an issue.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.