Out of the Bubble

“The way the students have impacted Beer Sheva is quite tremendous.”

Prof. Mor Peretz, Founder and CEO at CaPow Technologies, shares the way the younger generation is impacting his hometown of Beer Sheva

James Spiro 08:1817.02.22



During its Out of the Bubble visit to Beer Sheva, CTech caught up with Prof. Mor Peretz, a born and raised Beer Sheva resident who has seen firsthand how the city has evolved in recent years. As well as his position as Founder and CEO at CaPow Technologies, he is also a professor at Ben Gurion University.


“I’m around young guys who come from many places around Israel to study here,” he explained. “The way the students have impacted the city is quite tremendous. They have changed the entire view and ecosystem of how our city looks like - and for the best. You see that many people, they’re looking for potential opportunities to stay after their graduation. As we develop more and more opportunities for them to impact both technology and their lives, it becomes more and more substantial for them to grow here.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.