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CTalk: Facial Recognition Can Be Used for Identity Theft, Says Forter CEO

Michael Reitblat, co-founder and CEO of payment fraud prevention company Forter, spoke to CTech reporter Adi Pick at Calcalist’s The Future of Money conference in Tel Aviv

CTech 12:4913.01.20

Michael Reitblat, co-founder and CEO of Tel Aviv-based payment fraud prevention company Forter Inc., spoke with CTech reporter Adi Pick about the future of fintech and the use of biometric methods for identity theft, including facial recognition technologies.


“Take it with a grain of salt, fingerprints can be stolen too,” Reitblat said.


Founded in 2013 by former employees of PayPal’s anti-fraud development center in Israel, Forter supplies businesses with a service that marks incoming payments as credible or likely fraudulent. The company has raised $100 million to date.


Speaking at the conference, Reitblat said that 20 times per day large corporations get hacked and data gets breached, but we have become indifferent to it.