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CTech's Monday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

An Israeli kibbutz is about to earn NIS 100 million from cows; IFF’s Frutarom dream hits reality, hard

CTech 15:0717.02.20

An Israeli kibbutz is about to earn NIS 100 million from cows. Kibbutz Afikim and private equity firm Fortissimo are nearing the closure of a deal to sell 50% of dairy farm management company Afimilk for $70 million. Read more


Analysis | IFF’s Frutarom dream hits reality, hard. A little over a year after IFF’s $6.4 billion acquisition of Israel-based Frutarom, its annual results for 2019 fail to deliver the desired boost in sales. Read more


Ori Yehudai. Photo: Sivan Farage Ori Yehudai. Photo: Sivan Farage


Over-the-counter drug prices in Israel are much higher than overseas. The Israeli Ministries of Health and Economy summoned OTC drug manufacturers and distributors for meetings after a study found prices are 37% higher on average in Israel. Read more


Dark web | Dark web—committing crimes to catch criminals. The legally gray areas of the dark web could serve as the extremes that help to define the less convoluted areas of cyber law many local and international governing bodies are currently grappling with. Read more​


The biggest challenge in sports broadcasts is keeping viewers engaged, says WSC Sports CEO. Daniel Shichman, co-founder and CEO of the Israel-based sports-tech startup, says viewers today tend to hop from media to media during broadcast. Read more


U.K. office workers are less happy than counterparts around the world, survey shows. A new survey released by coworking real estate company MindSpace shows just 76% of U.K. workers said they were happy or very happy with their jobs, compared to an average of 84% among seven countries surveyed. Read more


Citi’s most promising Israeli fintech startups for 2020. Citi accelerator, together with collaborators Israeli Discount bank, Intuit, and Visa published a list of Israel's most promising fintech startups. Read more