Speech Analysis Startup Cordio Medical to Test Speech-Based Coronavirus Diagnostic Technology

The trials will test the company’s technology’s ability to identify deterioration in the patient’s condition by analyzing the patient’s speech

Adi Pick 17:2101.04.20
Speech analytics startup Cordio Medical Ltd. plans to begin trials for a technology that remotely monitors and diagnoses coronavirus (Covid-19) patients next week, the company announced Wednesday. The trials will take place at the Rambam Health Care Campus (Rambam Hospital) in Haifa.


Founded in 2017 and based in Or Yehuda, a town in central Israel, Cordio develops technologies that analyze recordings of a patient’s voice sampled using a mobile phone. Cordio's system can detect fluid accumulation and forewarn of an anticipated deterioration in patients, based solely on the analysis of their speech patterns.

Coronavirus check in Tel Aviv (illustration). Photo: Shaul Golan Coronavirus check in Tel Aviv (illustration). Photo: Shaul Golan


Cordio’s trials for coronavirus detection are based on adapting its pre-existing technology to the deterioration process associated with the virus that is characterized by bilateral pneumonia with edema in the lungs.


Cordio is not the only company trying to diagnose coronavirus by analyzing speech. Last week, voice analyses startup Vocalis Health announced Israel’s Ministry of Defense will be testing it technology on confirmed coronavirus (Covid-19) patients to see if the virus has a unique vocal fingerprint that can help with diagnosis. The testing is being conducted at several hospitals and throughout the country, with results expected in four-six weeks.


Cordio Covid-19 Coronavirus Diagnosis “Speech Analysis”