Why is a Unicorn Firing Employees and What has Porsche got Planned for the Future?

CTech Daily Roundup: Checkmarx to lay off dozens of workers, proving even unicorns aren’t immune to Covid-19

CTech 21:4318.05.20

Checkmarx to lay off dozens of workers, proving even unicorns aren’t immune to Covid-19. A month after completing a $1.15 billion exit, the Israeli-based cybersecurity company is “restructuring.” Read more


Interview | Covid-19 may have made Brazil miss a beat, but Israeli tech firms can still join the party. “Things have their own rhythm here, which unlike Israel, isn't a fast rhythm," says Israel’s Sao Paulo trade attaché Itzhak Reich. Read more


Porsche. Photo: Courtesy Porsche. Photo: Courtesy


Exclusive | Elbit is strong-arming suppliers into giving up 5-10% of payment. According to all the suppliers who spoke to Calcalist, they did not receive similar requests from state-owned defense contractor Israel Aerospace Industries or Rafael. Read more


Porsche to incorporate Israel-based Tactile Mobility tech in future cars. The technology can be used in autonomous cars, but also in cars with computers that include adaptive driving systems. Read more


In the Covid-19 era, these companies choose reassignment over layoffs. As the financial crisis brought on by the pandemic brings many companies to let skilled personnel go, many opt to utilize their existing workforce in new ways, hoping to preserve it for the day after coronavirus. Read more


Interview | Sued Cybereason employee says company lied about him to prevent move to competitor. After resigning from his position at cybersecurity company Cybereason, Yonni Shelmerdine had to see his former employer in court, facing allegations of trade secret and intellectual property theft that he says sullied his good name. Read more


Netivei Israel to invest NIS 10 million a year in local startups. The purpose of Netivei Israel’s new division is to increase the use of technology in the transportation infrastructure. Read more


Opinion | Board members? 7 keys to protecting your company and your self during the pandemic. When a company is on the verge of insolvency directors and CEOs become subject to more enhanced scrutiny under Israeli law. Read more