Israeli shipping giant ZIM to create a new cybersecurity company

ZKCyberStar, developed together with Konfidas, will offer cybersecurity services tailor-made for the maritime industry

James Spiro 09:5201.09.20
Tel Aviv-based cybersecurity firm Konfidas has partnered with Israeli shipping company ZIM to create a consulting company dedicated to the cybersecurity of the maritime industry. ZKCyberStar comes off the growing concerns of cyber-attacks magnified by the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.


ZKCyberStar will provide a myriad of services dedicated to operational security readiness, such as regulatory postures, strategy, planning, and training. It will be led by Ronen Meroz, who will serve as its CEO, alongside Konfidas’s Ram Levi and Eli Zilberman Caspi.


Eli Glickman, CEO of ZIM. Photo: Sivan Faraj Eli Glickman, CEO of ZIM. Photo: Sivan Faraj


“ZIM is uniquely positioned to tackle cyber threats in our industry,” said Eli Glickman, ZIM President and CEO in a statement. “With the creation of ZKCyberStar, we join forces to offer the most advanced and skilled services to cope with cyber threats and mitigate the risks and costly impact of cyber-attacks.”


“The maritime and logistics industries have witnessed an unprecedented rise in cyber-attacks in recent years,” added Ram Levi, Founder and CEO of Konfidas. “Those attacks serve as a wake-up call for an industry which is critical to modern trade and commerce. As we move towards heavily networked and increasingly automated systems, cybersecurity must be a top priority. Our unique partnership with ZIM, a global leader in container shipping, will enable ZKCyberStar to provide strong client-driven cybersecurity solutions with global expertise and implementation.”


According to a report by Cyber Risk Management, cyber-attacks on Asia’s ports could cost the global economy approximately $110 billion, with some estimates predicting the cost reaching trillions by 2021.

Konfidas was established in 2013 by Levi, who formerly served as secretary for the Prime Minister's National Cyber Initiative. He is currently a cyber advisor to Israel’s Council for Research and Development.