’s speech-enabled technology will make touchscreens touch-proof

The technology can be used on menus or kiosks to help stop the spread of Covid-19

James Spiro 12:1321.09.20
Israel-based has started deploying a voice solution that can transform any digital kiosk into a touch-free device. The solution was specifically designed to help prevent touching public or commercial devices that could spread the coronavirus (Covid-19).


The technology takes into consideration public spaces and has been optimized for noisy conditions, helping businesses implement it into their existing interactive systems. shows numbers on a screen that correlate to options, allowing people to make selections without touching public interfaces and risking their physical health.


Touchless.AI creators Roy Baharv and Eyal Shapira. Photo: Osnat Kransnanski Touchless.AI creators Roy Baharv and Eyal Shapira. Photo: Osnat Kransnanski


"Our system will help bring customers back to restaurants, points of sale, airports, medical centers, theme parks, and other public spaces,” said Roy Baharav, co-creator and CEO of in a statement. “We solved the problems of voice experience in commercial environments with an AI-driven interface that really works.”

Touchless.AI has started trials in the U.S. and some European countries and supports English, Japanese, and Hebrew. According to the company, the solution can be modified to work in any language and supports all web-based apps, as well as software compatible with iOS and Android. It operates without identifying the user’s face or voice and does not store personal data.



Touchless.AI was founded in 2020 by Hi Auto, inventor of the first audio-visual commercial solution for speaker separation and speech enhancement in vehicles. Hi Auto was founded by Baharav, Eyal Shapira who serves as the company’s CTO, and Zohar Zisapel who is currently the acting chairman.