Diagnostic Robotics announces partnership with Brown University Center for AI-driven behavioral healthcare

The partnership aims to help enhance physician workflow and save time and wasteful costs

James Spiro 16:3005.10.20
Diagnostics Robotics Ltd. announced Monday that it has entered a collaboration with the joint Brown University-Lifespan Center for Digital Health to help accelerate the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare.


The partnership aims to enhance the health system’s workflow, improving patient outcomes and reducing the cost of care. The parties claim that this will include predicting avoidable events and ensuring the most appropriate level of care for each patient’s needs.

Yonatan Amir, Diagnostic Robotics’ CEO. Photo: Omer Hacohen Yonatan Amir, Diagnostic Robotics’ CEO. Photo: Omer Hacohen


“Diagnostic Robotics is making a real difference to patients with cutting-edge patient navigation tools, Covid-19 assessment capabilities, and highly accurate predictive analytics,” said Dr. Megan Ranney, founding Director of the Brown-Lifespan Center for Digital Health. “We are excited to work together on validating and refining this approach to augmenting the health system with artificial intelligence to expand access to high-quality care.”


Diagnostic Robotics already works with payers and providers in the U.S. and Israel, such as Mayo Clinic, to help predict which patients will benefit from proactive interventions and improve the point of care while keeping costs low. It does this through its AI algorithms trained on the data of more than 27 million patient visits.


“Artificial intelligence and machine learning are ideally suited to help prevent gaps in care before they occur, leading to more coordinated care and better quality of life for patients with chronic conditions,” said Yonatan Amir, Diagnostic Robotics’ CEO. “Our collaboration with the Brown-Lifespan Center for Digital Health will drive innovation even deeper into the health system to improve experiences for patients, providers, and payers alike.”

The Brown-Lifespan Center for Digital Health was founded in 2020 to help accelerate the adoption of digital health. Its leadership consists of computer scientists, psychologists, anthropologists, and physicians. It is based out of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.


Diagnostic Robotics was founded in 2017 by Amir alongside Kira Radinsky and Moshe Shoham who also serve as Director of Data Science and CTO, respectively. According to Crunchbase, the company has raised $24 million in series A. It is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.