AI light company Juganu launches J.Protect to help ‘inactivate’ Covid-19

The system is backed by Comcast Ventures, Viola Growth, Amdocs, and others to help make public spaces safer as the world battles lockdowns

James Spiro 11:3101.11.20
Juganu has launched its new circadian lighting system designed to inactivate bacteria and viruses. According to the company, the product, called J.Protect, can disinfect surfaces and deactivate pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes coronavirus (Covid-19). It can be installed in a variety of public spaces such as hospitals, schools, office spaces, and gyms and is EPA-registered in 47 US states.


J.Protect can be installed without additional rewiring or structural changes and operated via a mobile app. It has two modes, ‘Allegro’ and ‘Presto’, which use a combination of high-quality surface light mixed with ultraviolet A (UV-A), as well as ultraviolet C (UV-C) light to mirror the appearance of natural light in indoor venues. It then blends various colors across the visible spectrum and UV-A to inactive viruses.
Juganu founders Eran Ben-Shmuel and Alexander Bilchinsky. Photo: Juganu Juganu founders Eran Ben-Shmuel and Alexander Bilchinsky. Photo: Juganu



“Smart lighting will be one of the biggest areas of opportunity for physical spaces. We are evolving from lights simply illuminating spaces to disinfecting and securing them, as well as promoting well-being by recreating natural light shifts based on sunrise and sunset,” said Eran Ben-Shmuel, CEO and co-founder of Juganu. “With J.Protect, we hope to be the light at the end of the tunnel of the Covid-19 era.”


The product comes at a time when the world is facing sporadic lockdowns, strategizing how to reopen spaces safely, and battling impending colder months brought on by winter weather. According to Juganu, it has established strategic partnerships with Qualcomm, NCR Corporation, and others to deploy its J.Protect solution.



“Juganu’s revolutionary technology comes at a critical time, with scientists recently confirming that SARS-CoV-2 can survive up to 28 days on surfaces,” added Ayal Shiran, General Partner at Viola Growth. “We at Viola Growth believe J.Protect represents a step forward in UV light technology and will be a game-changer in safely reclaiming our shared spaces and ensuring business continuity.”


Juganu was founded in 2011 by Ben-Shmuel and Alexander Bilchinsky, who serves as the company’s CTO. It is headquartered in Israel and has offices in the U.S., Mexico, and Brazil.