Dubai Conference

"My vision is for Israel to have National Brand Office too"

CEO of Vibe Israel, Joanna Landau, talks at the first Israel-Dubai conference of Calcalist, Bank Leumi, and Reshet 13 about how the two countries brand themselves

James Spiro 15:0925.11.20



"Ten years ago, I saw a video that changed my life. A group of Americans was asked to described what they imagined houses looked and felt like in countries around the world, one of those countries being Israel. For Israel, they didn’t really imagine a house, but a military bunker filled only with religious men and hardly a woman in sight. The atmosphere was strict and serious and none of the Americans wanted to stay there" Joanna Landau, CEO of Vibe Israel, began her remarks at the first Israel-Dubai Conference.  


“I decided to close my business and founded Vibe Israel, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing Israel’s global reputation. In the last decade, we have become specialists in influencer marketing, bringing hundreds of Instagrammers, YouTubers and bloggers to Israel and generating over a billion positive mentions of Israel online.” she added.


Landau lauded the efforts made by the UAE to approach their branding strategies in a similar way. “I was so impressed to see that your leadership has recognized the importance of establishing a nation brand office for the UAE. Thus, the UAE has aligned itself with many countries investing in strategic branding and marketing of what their country has to offer. Such an effort has been proven to strengthen countries’ economies and boost national pride. And now, as competition will increase due the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, it is doubly important.


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