Dubai Conference

UAE branding is “a source of economic strength and national pride”

Vibe Israel is dedicated to helping Israel brand itself. Its founder and CEO Joanna Landau spoke with CTech’s Ron Friedman to discuss some of the best ways to do so

James Spiro 11:4926.11.20



“We just did some research with 3,000 business opinion-makers in 10 locations around the world and we asked these questions: what does Israel do best, and what is your first association with Israel?” explained Vibe Israel founder and CEO Joanna Landau at the first Israel-Dubai conference of Calcalist, Bank Leumi, and Reshet 13. As a non-profit, it is dedicated to enhancing Israel’s global reputation - essentially, branding and marketing Israel to the world.


“It turned out when people asked what Israel does best, only 1% of the 3,000 people said startups,” she said. “Instead, we should talk about who we are as a people, in terms of the spirit, and of course the technological advancements. We do need to focus and highlight the more personal ideas of who Israelis are as business people.”

Landau is currently at the first Israel-Dubai conference designed as a matchmaking event between Israeli and Emirati business leaders. “Our research has shown that within four years, we will become average players because others have better marketing. It’s not that we’re not good at it, it’s that we’re not investing in marketing.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.