As skies prepare to open again, As You Stay helps travelers with their check-in and check-out times

Its app can help travelers save up to 30% on discounts due to hourly, as opposed to daily, rates

James Spiro 10:3011.01.21
Israeli travel tech startup As You Stay announced Monday that it is working with 400,000 hotels and properties across five continents to help eliminate fixed check-in and check-out times. Using its app, travelers can select the precise time they intend to arrive and depart from a location and pay according to the hours of their stay.


As You Stay experienced a window of opportunity during Covid-19 to expand its services from 100,000 to 400,000 properties around the world. With its hourly rating system, travelers can avoid ‘artificial constraints’ of check-in and check-out times, thus helping them with their tourist timetables and saving up to 30% charging hourly and not daily.
Ofer Helfman, CEO of As You Stay. Photo: Osnat Krasnansky Ofer Helfman, CEO of As You Stay. Photo: Osnat Krasnansky


“During a time when hotel rooms around the world are being offered at bargain-basement prices, As You Stay is implementing three game-changing moves,” explained Ofer Helfman, founder and CEO of As You Stay. “Payment on an hourly rate by determining flexible check-in and check-out times any place in the world, an additional discount based on the hourly rate, and permitting reservations without giving credit card details and no cancellation fee up to 48 hours prior to the predetermined arrival time.”

As You Stay expects that the global effort to vaccinate citizens will lead to travel in and between countries to recover slowly back to pre-pandemic levels. As well as offering more flexibility to tourists, the company says that the housekeeping staff will no longer face burdening peak times and pressures to prepare rooms in restricted morning and evening windows. The As You Stay technology expands the check-in and check-out times of guests over a 16-to-18-hour cycle in a way, helping a smaller staff deal with preparing rooms without any delays and eliminating overcrowded check-in processes.


As You Stay was founded by Helfman in 2016 alongside Chen Atlas and Roy Arad.