Pangea launches smart nursing home pilot solution for safety in Israel

The solution will help 200 residential units prevent the spread of Covid-19

James Spiro 10:0019.01.21

Pangea, which specializes in the digital transformation of government and business services, has announced that it will deploy its smart nursing home solution in areas that have been affected by Covid-19. The solution, which will pilot in an Israeli nursing home with 200 units, will offer protection for the health, security, and safety of its residents.


Pangea’s system is a multi-sensor solution that integrates thermal imaging, video analytics, machine learning, and biometric access control technologies to help with a variety of scenarios. For example, Pangea can help trace interactions that may spread the virus, prevent unauthorized access to homes or residents, alert family members in the event of falls or injury, and provide real-time information for emergency contacts.
Assaf Kaminer, Executive Vice President of Pangea. Photo: David Garb Assaf Kaminer, Executive Vice President of Pangea. Photo: David Garb


“The pandemic has focused attention on the needs of nursing homes where monitoring is critical in order to protect residents and enable rapid contact tracing to prevent spreading of the virus,” said Assaf Kaminer, Executive Vice President of Pangea. He also stressed that while the monitoring of elderly residents was important before Covid-19, it has now become crucial for nursing homes and assisted living facilities which have become a hotbed Covid-19.

Nursing homes have accounted for almost 40% of all Covid-19 deaths in the United States, compared to other western countries whose figures fluctuate between 20-70%. In Israel, the median death age is 81, and the majority of deaths in the country occurred in the 70+ age bracket. With Pangea, facilities that cater to those age groups will be able to help patients during their stays and improve care for the later years of their life until the pandemic ceases.


Pangea IT is a global supplier of identity, security, and e-payment solutions. Over its 25 years, the company has helped assist workplaces, government entities, and healthcare institutions with their digital interactions such as ID cards, documents, and crowd intelligence.