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Big-Tech 50 CEO: Most Israelis did not have access to join Israeli high tech until now

Speaking at Calcalist’s Tech on the Roof, the CEO of Big-Tech 50 discusses how his fund can help individuals and the public access Israel’s tech system

James Spiro 13:3321.04.21



As physical in-person gatherings start to open up in Israel, CTech attended Tech on the Roof, where it was joined by Yochai Zeid Ronen who shared why he is focussing on 50 startups to help democratize the investment game in Israel.


“Realistically when you want to build something, you can go for the S&P 500 or you can go for something a bit more humble,” explained the CEO of Big-Tech 50. “We are hoping to get the top 50 out of the 150 that are probably in the pool of companies that fit the criteria that we decided on.”


In February, Big-Tech 50 R&D Partnership completed an IPO and is now listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Its goal is to build a portfolio of the 50 biggest private tech companies in Israel that would resemble some form of ‘index’ for private investors, allowing the public to get exposure to some of the largest and most successful companies in the Israeli tech sector.


“Up until now, the majority of us, the public, the individuals, did not have any access to actually invest or enjoy or join the bandwagon of Israeli high tech,” he continued. “You can actually buy a share and get exposure to our portfolio of companies, who are the companies that are here (tonight).”


You can watch the entire exchange about Big-Tech 50 and its role in the Israeli ecosystem via the video above