Elevation and Atidna launching training program to integrate Arab population in Israeli high-tech

Executives from leading companies, including Facebook, Google, WIX, and Salesforce, will take part in a unique training program aimed at integrating young people from the Arab population into the tech market

CTech 11:4228.07.21
Startup company Elevation and the Atidna Association have established Atidna in High-Tech - a unique training program that aims to integrate talents with technological degrees from the Arab population into the Israeli high-tech market. As part of the Elevation program, professional training will be provided to students with appropriate backgrounds and abilities. In addition, the program aims to improve soft skills and competencies that assist in interviews, admissions processes to the profession and teamwork. The bootcamp course lasts three months, after which the program helps with interviews and finding a suitable job with an appropriate salary.


Facebook, Google, Wix and Salesforce are all taking an active part in the program, participating in panels and guest lectures on relevant topics, job interview tips, leading roles and more. Most of the graduates have already integrated into the Israeli high-tech industry. Among the companies that recruited the program graduates are the likes of Check Point, Taboola, Intel, Wix and more.


Dr. Dalia Fadila, Co-CEO of Atidna. Photo: Miri Lavi Dr. Dalia Fadila, Co-CEO of Atidna. Photo: Miri Lavi


"Atidna works on many projects in the Arab society to increase integration in Israeli society," said Dr. Dalia Fadila and Amit Deri, Co-CEOs of Atidna. "The high-tech industry is the Israeli success story and all Israeli citizens deserve an opportunity, including Arabs, to take part and influence. The program "Atidna in High-Tech" works to increase the number of Arab citizens of Israel in the industry by providing technological and interpersonal tools and helps graduates to find a job in the field.”


In addition, Elevation recently established the Hiring Partners community to recruit high-tech workers in collaboration with the leading high-tech companies in the economy. Companies receive priority for Full Stack Developers with technology degrees who completed the bootcamp with practical knowledge on the most relevant technologies today. 



Avi Snir, CEO and Founder of Elevation added: "We are proud to lead the program with Atidna and many industry partners. High-tech craves skilled manpower and we must expand the circle of populations that take part in this great industry. From our experience in training the Arab citizens of Israel, we have encountered a real talent that can be integrated into any company in the market - I call on companies that recruit to join us and take part in changing the ecosystem."


Elevation was established in 2014 with the aim of bridging existing technological gaps in the employment market. The company does this by building in-house organizational skills academies that improve strategic business metrics. The company has dozens of business customers in Israel and Europe, and its offices are located in Tel Aviv and Berlin.


Elevation CEO Avi Snir. Photo: Elevation Elevation CEO Avi Snir. Photo: Elevation