A Day in a Life

Datree’s Avengers are out to rescue Kubernetes owners

Noaa Barki, a Full Stack developer at Datree, is a big Marvel fan, starts every day with a workout, and is also one of the organizers of the Israeli GitHub community

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Name: Noaa Barki

Age: 25

Where do you live: Tel-Aviv

Company: Datree

Position: Full Stack Developer


Noaa Barki of Datree. Photo: Datree Noaa Barki of Datree. Photo: Datree


For a Starter

What is so special about what you do? Datree is a CLI solution that supports Kubernetes owners by preventing developers from misconfiguring their Kubernetes to prevent clusters from failing in production. Only when I grew up, I realized I wanted to pursue technology. As a child, I thought I would be a doctor; understanding how mechanisms work, troubleshooting, and “rescuing the day” was always a passion of mine. At Datree, I do it in code. Writing code for code is a tremendous and meaningful experience for me, I help other developers to clearly define their coding standards and more importantly - prevent possible production outages. However, the really cool thing is that our product requires knowledge of "behind the scenes". I need to understand how Kubernetes works and how it can be used incorrectly, what problems it comes to solve, and the problems and needs of our users – our colleagues, the developers.


The synergy of coding and my public speaking role is beneficial. I get to understand my audience well. A developer audience has a constant desire to delve into the small details. I come from the same place. I get to share my work and my advice in a very authentic way.


What do you enjoy the most in your work? Learning. I was introduced to software during my army service and found mountains of available and accessible information. Research is my favorite part of my work. Code developers must love to study and keep updated. Otherwise, they will stay behind. The beauty is that the knowledge is not exclusive, and junior developers can share new insights with veterans. It’s not only about experience.

At Datree, we enjoy much independence across the work spectrum. The company encourages us to widen our interests and expertise and to be active in our professional communities. For example, I’m one of the organizers of the Israeli GitHub community. We get the chance to participate in marketing, open-source, design, sales, and technical writing. Consequently, we get to understand business processes better.


But above all is our team. We’re not just colleagues; we are excellent friends. Everyone is attentive and accommodating. We are fortunate to have passionate and super professional team members. As a big Marvel fan, I think one of the unique things about us is how much the team is like the Avengers - each person has their power. When we unite forces (literally), we are just like the Avengers, and that's magical.


Preference - working from Home / Office / Hybrid: Hybrid. There is an advantage to working in the office, and it contributes to maintaining a good atmosphere and workflow. On the other hand, in the lockdown period, when we were forced to work from home, it was easier to create a sterile work environment and better organize my routine. In addition, because I’m involved in several activities across the company, I can divide the days for each activity and focus.


My Daily Routine


Every day I work out, take care of my plants and go to the office or start working at home. If I have tests or I’m overloaded with my studies, I learn from 7 to 11.



Going through emails and making a to-do list.



Daily meeting – Team updates and troubleshooting. Lunch – Not that important. Sometimes I cook, or if there’s no time for proper lunch, I’ll grab a yogurt. Up to 18:00 Meetings and time for development.



The end of the day, I finish tasks and a to-do list for the next day. I started this habit over the lockdowns and found it to be very constructive.




After Hours

What do you do in your spare time? I love sports, CrossFit, and Yoga, but in the tests period, I allocate more time to my studies. We usually have dinner around 22:00.I’m a passionate baker and cook with an inclination towards healthy food. I look at baking as a form of higher mathematics. I love to read and do puzzles, 3,000-2,000 parts.


Apple or Android: I work on a Mac laptop and have an Android phone. Using different systems doesn’t bother me.


What type of music do you listen to? Everything. Classic, jazz, rock’n’roll, and Israeli.