Ichilov Hospital and Sanara Ventures to join forces to promote innovation in neurology

The investment platform will invest in the hospital’s innovative technologies, giving it the opportunity to identify early-stage startups in the fields of neurology, digital health

CTech 13:0712.10.21
Ichilov Hospital and Sanara Ventures have announced they will partner on a unique collaboration in the field of neurology, turning ideas and projects developed in the neurology department into groundbreaking projects in the fields of digital health and neurology.


Sanara Ventures has identified significant medical and business potential at Ichilov’s Neurology Department, and will provide researchers with holistic and technological assistance. In addition, worldwide experts, who are part of the firm’s global team will help guide those developing startups throughout investment stages. This collaboration intends to help the various ventures take shape early-on, receive funding, and realize their business and technological potential.


Assaf Barnea of Sanara Ventures. Photo: Shahar Tamir Assaf Barnea of Sanara Ventures. Photo: Shahar Tamir


Ichilov Medical Center’s Neurology Department routinely conducts research and develops medical technologies in diverse fields, in areas such as central nervous system diseases, sleep disorders, neurological problems, neurological rehabilitation, strokes, brain rehabilitation, and treatment of cerebral and cognitive difficulties. These areas are in desperate need of more solutions and new technologies that will significantly improve the lives of thousands of patients around the world.


Sanara Ventures, based in Ra’anana, invests in groundbreaking early-stage digital medicine, medical equipment, and Bio-convergence projects. The firm is a healthcare investment platform for innovative startups, comprising an Israeli Innovation Authority backed incubator and includes global giants such as Philips Healthcare and Teva Pharmaceuticals. Its management team assists startups, providing them with pre-seed, seed, and pre-A funding.



"Neurology is one of the most important fields today in clinical medical innovation, and has been making tremendous breakthroughs over the last 10 years. Besides being synergetic to both Teva and Phillips in areas like degenerative diseases and central nervous system or sleep disorders, Sanara recognizes great potential in building special bonds with clinical teams in these fields,” said Sanara Ventures CEO Assaf Barnea.


"Ichilov sees improving medical technologies - with an emphasis on neurology - as a global goal that we want to play a significant part in,” said Neurology Department Director Prof. Nir Giladi.