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​​Carl Eschenbach: We will help Israeli companies reach $100 billion valuations

Speaking at a panel during Mind the Tech NY 2021 that included Salt Security CEO Roey Eliyahu, the Sequoia Capital Partner discussed his firm’s faith in the cybersecurity company

CTech 12:3118.11.21

Speaking with Shopie Shulman at Calcalist and Bank Leumi’s Mind the Tech NY 2021 conference, Sequoia Capital’s partner Carl Eschenbach discussed the possibility of an Israeli company reaching the size of some of his firm's top investments, Zoom and Snowflake.


“$100 billion, we certainly hope so, we hope that to be the case, Zoom and Snowflake are very special companies,” Eschenbach said. “We think the security market is a tremendous opportunity both today and in the future, and whether or not someone gets to a $100 billion dollars valuation or not, I do not know, but we are going to work with those companies to try and achieve that goal.”


Sharing the stage with Roey Eliyahu, the co-founder and CEO of Salt Security, in which Sequoia invested $30 million last year, Eschenbach praised the cybersecurity firm and its founders. “Being able to culture and scale a company at the pace and speed they have is really what led us to lean into the opportunity,” he said.


Eliyahu, for his part, discussed the fast rise his company has experienced over a short period. “In a one year span, from the beginning of Covid, we raised $120 million in A, B and C rounds, two of the rounds were not planned at all. It drives faster hiring, moving faster, and I think we put a lot of emphasis on culture from day one.”


Watch the full discussion in the video above