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Qumra Capital explains process behind list of Israeli startups to watch out for

Speaking at Mind The Tech in New York, Managing General Partner Boaz Dinte revealed the Israeli companies we should be paying attention to in the next year

James Spiro 14:4123.11.21



“We're here now, together with Calcalist, for the 3rd year in a row. We’re looking for the next wave of companies that are below the radar right now, so they’re not unicorns that everyone talks about, they’re the next wave of companies that are potentially going to be unicorns in a year or two years,” explained Boaz Dinte, Managing General Partner at Qumra Capital. He shared with CTech the 11 companies that the VC firm selected as promising companies that he bets will one day be worth more than $1 billion.


“We put out an application, we had 50 companies apply, we selected 20, met with 20 and are supposed to be selecting 10 but we selected 11 companies which we believe are going to be the next wave of Israeli tech companies that will be unicorns,” he revealed. The firm typically invests in around five companies per year, with the mission to bring them “from 10 to 100”.


“Hopefully, they’ll be standing here and you’ll be requesting to interview them because they did something great,” he concluded.


Find out who they are in the video above and read all about the companies here